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Invisible character

The invisible character is a Unicode that doesn't have a visible representation on screen instead a blank space or more appropriately a white space appears on the screen. One can Copy it from here ( ​ ). The unicode is of type U+0020, U+00A0, U+FEFF, etc.. They have been popularly used as sending empty messages on Messenger or WhatsApp. These symbols are also known as Blank space, empty character, whitespace character, and invisible letter, invisible text or Espaco invisivel.

One can send these empty characters in whatsapp messages by just copying and pasting these blank spaces.

Key features of invisible character

It's fun to use invisible text on WhatsApp and Instagram

Some people often term this tool as Invisible letter or as invisible emoji. The invisible text generator comes with the following features:

How does the invisible text generator work?

Invisible character name maker let's you use it in one-single click.

We have included four different versions of the invisible character. All of them vary in width and hence it's different.

The tool already has invisible character in it, you don't have generate anything. All you have to do is to click on the copy button and that's it. Once copied you have you invisible charater with you. Paste it anywhere you want.

Below are detailed steps on how to use the invisible text generator.

invisible character on instagram

The above image depicts the usage of invisible character as a name pn Instagram. The red square depicts the name area. There are a wide number of places where you can use it. We have discussed it below. It contains every possible areas where you can use this blank or empty character. Thats's why it is also called blank space copy and paste.

How to create a invisible discord name?

Unicode Invisible name copy and paste for Discord

There are a few different ways that you can create an invisible discord name. The first is to use a Discord bot. A Discord bot is a software application that automatically generates an invisible discord name based on your desired username and password.

The second option is to manually create an invisible discord name using an online tool like invisible text generator. Just copy the invisible character and copy it in your discord name area.

Different Names for blank character

Blank name symbol | empty character | Invisible text

Below are the different names for Blank text:

Why to use Blank Character?

The invisible character or blank character is used for the following reasons:

Invisible character Unicode Values

Some Additional Information about Invisible Character unicode value and invisible space css code:

Type: Unicode Number: CSS Code:
Zero Width Space Invisible Character U+200B \200B
Zero Width Non-Joiner Invisible Character U+200C \200C
Zero Width Joiner Invisible Character U+200D \200D
Left-To-Right Mark (LTR Mark/ LRM) U+200E \200E
Right-To-Left Mark (RTL Mark/ RLM) U+200F \200F

Where to use the Invisible Character?

Make your Social Profile name Invisible using empty character

The Empty character also empty text generated by this website can be used to create:

  1. Fortnite Invisible character: The invisible character can be used in the Fortnite game to hide the username.
  2. Invisible Space Instagram: The Invisible character on this website can also be used on Instagram.
  3. Blank name Facebook- It can be used to create a blank name on facebook.
  4. Twitter Blank Name: Create a blank name for Twitter using this invisible character symbol.
  5. Blank name for PUBG: You can also create a blank name for PUBG using our Invisible character tool.
  6. On WhatsApp: You can send empty messages using this tool. You can generate a blank space by copying the invisible character and can paste and send it on whatsapp.
  7. Invisible Character for Discord: You can send empty messages on discord using this invisile character copy paste discord.
  8. Copy and Paste invisible character for tiktok. It can be used to create a blank username.